Studio3877's Renovation of Territory Kitchen + Bar

The restaurant's new design feels more like a mountain lodge with a distinct Colorado personality

In order to help Territory Kitchen + Bar build a stronger relationship with its Denver customers and locale, D.C.-based architecture and design firm Studio3877 gave the restaurant a mountainous makeover. Dave Tracz, a Studio3877 partner, and his design team transformed the 3,850-square-foot space into a cozy restaurant that feels more like a mountain lodge with a distinct Colorado personality.

When it came to renovating the restaurant, Tracz wanted to design a space that would celebrate Colorado’s mountain culture and transport its Denver patrons to higher elevations. A bar front made out of old skis greets customers as they enter, almost like an area where skiers would dismount after a long day on the slopes.

“The bar itself feels like an outside area,” says Tracz, “and then as you work your way to the dining area, we wanted to make it feel like you’re moving to a cozy area inside the house.” Leather sofas, Adirondack chairs, and picnic tables offer a variety of seating options that add to the charm of the restaurant.

Beyond the assortment of places to sit, the décor is key to creating an authentic mountain lodge atmosphere. Faux animal heads adorn the walls, while wooden toboggans hang from the ceiling. Almost all of the decorations hail from around the Denver area, as Tracz noted that it was important that they used local materials. “We wanted to create a good, honest feel that would emphasize that Colorado personality,” says Tracz. “The last thing we wanted was for someone from Denver to walk in and feel like they were on a phony stage set.” Bringing in local materials, as well as choosing furniture that flowed with the design intent, was crucial in allowing Tracz’s team to be creative without the theme becoming overbearing.

For Studio3877’s first major restaurant project outside of the D.C. area, they were excited to work on something that felt different than anything they’d find in D.C. But for anyone who knows Colorado, you’ll feel right at home in the renovated restaurant. Whether you sit underneath a toboggan at the ski bar, or lounge in an Adirondack chair while you wait for a table, Territory Kitchen + Bar will provide a dining experience that is authentically Coloradan. 

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