Perla Gheiler’s Favorite Things

8 Colorado things this stylemaker suggests

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Wife, mom, and director of the Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships for the City and County of Denver, shares some of her Favorite Things.

1) WORKOUT VENUE Two years ago, I began working out at Bodies By Perseverance in FivePoints. In that time, I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and 7 percent body fat. While I’ve always been a runner, I’ve rarely used weights for strength, but this has made all the difference (in addition to healthier eating). I attribute this success to the gym owners, Courtney and Jennifer Samuel, and RJ Martin, my trainer and king. Bodies By Perseverance, 2860 Welton Street, Denver,

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2) JEWELRY Thank you Hollie Vasquez Horvath (last issue’s Stylemaker) for introducing me to CLP. After attending an Adorned party at this shop on South Broadway, I have the bug. An Adorned pop-up is where an artist welds infinity jewelry around your wrist, ankle or finger. It’s forever. CLP Jewelry, 1407 S. Broadway, Denver,

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3) COLORADO VENUE Denver Botanic Gardens is my favorite place to go to over and over again, all year round. The flowers in the summer are just spectacular, plus the Blossoms of Light and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations are fabulous. Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York Street, Denver,

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4) COLORADO RESTAURANT My favorite salad, the Mexican Quinoa Salad comes from Necio Mexican Kitchen. a family-owned business, that keeps tradition and passion alive with their food, drinks and elaborate presentation. Necio Mexican Kitchen, 4001 Tejon Street, Denver,

5) COLORADO ARTIST I love traveling around Colorado and seeing the artwork of Daniel Luna, a Colorado artist known for vibrant colors and exploring regional stories. You might recognize his work from the terracotta pots with colorful fruits and vegetables or a wooden wall piece of Día de los Muertos skeletons. He also designs the wine labels for Bonacquisti local winery.

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6) HOUSEWARMING GIFT My favorite housewarming gifts always come from a local shop, Mojave + Tejon Dry Goods on Tejon Street. This little boutique has beautifully crafted artisan products that are ethically made, using sustainable manufacturing processes from Mexico, New York City, Hawaii, Canada and more. Mojave + Tejon Dry Goods, 3748 Tejon Street,

7) BOOKSTORE Nestled in the Tennyson neighborhood is the best bookstore, BookBar. This gathering space is chock-full of books, offers a lounge area to read, and serves coffee, tea and wine. I love it because they give back to schools in the area (North Denver) and are super supportive of our community. My son participated in a comic-book writing class one summer and loved it. BookBar, 4280 Tennyson Street, Denver,

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8) CONSIGNMENT STORE I always shop consignment for bags, shoes and other unique finds. I recently purchased a vintage Gucci bag at The Remix Pop-Up Market in Five Points, and I’m in love. Other favorites: Rags Consignments, where I found a Lingua Franca sweater, and SecondLove where I bought a pair of Frye boots that I wear with everything. The Remix Pop-Up Market, 2852 Welton Street,; Rags Consignments, 201 University Boulevard, #120, Denver,; SecondLove, 4325 W. 41st Avenue, Denver,

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