Before and After: A 1970s Colorado Kitchen Remodel

When a family kitchen lacks function and aesthetic, a total renovation is in order
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Rachel Hoback, the face behind the popular Colorado blog “Sprucing Up Mamahood,” shares her fabulous 1970s kitchen remodel. With a background in interior design, the creator went searching for the fixer-upper home of her dreams to start a new project.


1. Tell us about your interior design company, Sprucing Up Mamahood.

I started Sprucing Up Mamahood (SUM) two years ago while I was a stay at home mom. With a craving for a new creative outlet, the company was born. Having been in the field for 10+ years, I made the decision to leave behind working at a residential firm and build a family. Two boys and few years later, I’m living my passion while working from home. The vision for SUM is to inspire others to create a sense of home through simple DIY projects, home decor recommendations and design inspiration.

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2. What inspired the design of your new kitchen?

My family was in the market for a fixer upper, something with a little more character, and a better yard. We wanted a blank slate that we could gut and restore. Once we found a barely-been-touched-home from 1978, we were off and running. Before the offer was accepted I’d already sketched out the kitchen remodel.

3. How long did the project take?

The kitchen remodel took about two months, but we had several other updates happening simultaneously. Suffice to say, we had a lot going on. A large portion of the remodel time we lived in the basement of our home.

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4. Who designed/built the kitchen?

Using my designs and my husband’s brother to contract, we built the kitchen of our dreams.

5. What’s your favorite thing about the new space?

I love how open and bright it is now. Removing the walls recreated our entire space. Plus, our south facing windows are perfect for letting. the natural light in.

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6. Why was a kitchen remodel important to you?

At the center of our house, the kitchen is where we spend the most time as a family, hence why this design became so pivotal for us. The old kitchen was not functional for a family of four. With an island, the kids can sit together while I have the space I need to make a meal. Now I even prefer working at the island!

7. What’s in store for you and SUM in the future?

Another remodel is, of course, in store for us. We’re set on fixing up the entire house. As for SUM, working with clients in-person is wonderful, but the past few years have had more of an emphasis on remote projects and e-design. I’m excited about getting back to being in-person soon.

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Before photo of the 1978 kitchen.

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