It's That Time Again: Denver DerbyParty 2018!

presented by Maker's Mark

The Denver DerbyParty® is a huge celebration where Coloradans can watch and celebrate the Kentucky Derby every year. The 2018 Derby is on May 5. Need a reason or two to get your ticket and plan your attire? Well we'll give you that and more. Here are 16 reasons to attend Denver's largest event. 

1. It’s the original “Party with a Purpose.” See more at: The Denver DerbyParty: A Whole Lot of Fun (and Fundraising)

2. 100 percent of proceeds raised goes to the Sean 'Ranch' Lough Foundation; there is no overhead.

3. It’s a true grassroots fundraiser, with word of mouth as the only marketing in the early days.

4. It all started with 130 people… and has grown exponentially over its 17 years (and counting)!

5. In 2004, the DerbyParty introduced the world to Rusty, the first-ever singing Derby Horse (who has a fondness for classic hip hop). If this isn't a reason to attend, we don't know what is!

6. The party is the best-dressed crowd you will ever find in Denver every year.

7. Over 15 scholarships have been given out to date and growing each year.

8. It hosts the most creative and extravagant Best Hat Contest. (Above, right, is the 1st place winner from the 2017 DerbyParty.)

9. Next to the actual Kentucky Derby, the Denver DerbyParty is the largest derby-themed event in the country. (Check out the Highlight Reel of the 2017 Denver DerbyParty to get a better idea of just how crazy-awesome this party is.)

Photo: F4D Studio

10. Love is in the air at the DerbyParty! In the past the party has honored couples who met at the Derby; there have even been a few on-stage engagements!

Photo: F4D Studio

11. There are always numerous performances from musicians, bands, and world-class DJs.

12. It is ever-popular; tickets usually sell out within the first few days they are available for purchase.

13. The party outgrew the Washington Park Boat House, Denver Botanic Gardens, and the streets of Downtown Denver to eventually take on the Denver Center of the Performing Arts complex, where the event is now held.

Photo: Christy Sanchez

14. You can get the celebrity treatment with the party’s red-carpet entrance and Step & Repeat photo opps.

15. This year, the title sponsor is Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Need we say more?

16. You're going to have the most fun, ever. It’s fairly certain this is the best party in town and the place to be on May 5, 2018 (from 1 to 6:30 pm)


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