Isaac Slade’s Favorite Things

The lead singer of The Fray shares 11 things he loves, from music venues to clothing shops
Photo by Anna Slade

MUSIC VENUE: Red RocksIt is legend. There’s a list backstage of every artist that has played that stage since the beginning. I stood there the first night we played, struggling to conceive that hundreds of the greatest artists have played there. Making music in that place, with people from our home state, often in the rain. It’s a sacred thing. 

FURNITURE LINE: Chesterfields 1780I have a relative in England who was a consultant for Downton Abbey. He has this big, old house full of tufted leather couches and chairs, and everything smells like Christmas and fireplaces. This company makes the closest replica of his ancient furniture. 


CAR: 1961 MGA. Ours is a burnt-orange color, works about 40 percent of the time and is worth every penny. 

COLOGNE: Bvlgari Black. I’m a special-occasion cologne wearer, and Black makes me feel like an old-school James Bond … not so much the misogyny and assassinations, but more the poise and class. Blvgari Black, 2.5 ounces, $31.99;

RETAIL STORE: Ratio ClothingGreat little shop [in Denver], tailored suits and shirts, all finesse, straight out of some winding, cobblestoned London Street. 

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE: The Rocket R58.I barista-ed my way through college and fell in love with the art form. In honor of my slightly too-deep commitment, I went out and splurged on this Italian espresso machine. The Rocket R58 V2, $2,800;

SOCKS: Pendleton for the comfiest, classiest little socks. Hard to find but worth the hunt.  $12.50-$14.50

SUNGLASSES: Persol. I used to wear Ray-Bans, but they’re absolutely everywhere. Persol feels like a secret. Italian and absolutely beautiful. $280-$400; Sunglass Hut, Denver,

MATTRESS: We have a Stearns & Foster mattress that in all of my travels is just about the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on. $1,499-$3,499

CLOTHING DESIGNER: For jackets and suits, I love Burberry because they are masculine without being overpowering, with a perfect blend of gentleness and strength. I buy most of my everyday wear—jackets, shirts and sweatshirts—at AllSaintsand my favorite jeans are Nudie or Acne.

COLORADO MUSEUM: The Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden. This place has the stuff dreams are made of—especially if you’re under the age of 5.

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