In Her Element: Elisabeth Cook

Meet the principal and lead designer of Loveland-based Dedalo

Photo by Ashton Ray Hansen

After 15 years living in the Marche region of Italy and working in the Italian fashion industry, Colorado native Elisabeth Cook is experiencing “the weirdest form of reverse culture shock” upon her recent migration back to Loveland. “My whole adult life has been in Italy,” she explains. “I’ve never had an American job interview, I’ve never dated an American—I even went to the doctor recently and initially blanked on the English word for some of my body parts.”

Cultural adjustments aside, Cook’s homecoming marks a new beginning in her entrepreneurial career. After more than two years of trial-and-error testing leather thicknesses, pattern designs, rubber catalyzation and ink colors—which once resulted in an electric-blue streak across her cat’s white fur—she has returned to the States to unveil a collection of customizable hair-on-hide rugs.

Her company name, Dedalo, is both the Italian word for “maze” and a nod to the ancient Greek craftsman Daedalus. Cook, an avid fan of designer Alexander McQueen’s dramatic use of color and pattern, crafted a collection of 45 statement-making designs in 105 color options that redefine the classic hair-on-hide. 

“I created the collection so that just by changing color positioning, you can significantly change the look of a design,” Cook says. “We can go classical, we can go Hamptons, we can go Milan modern. It’s really about the freedom of expression and creativity and making something that is special to each individual client.”

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