How Windows Transformed a Rocky Mountain Ranch

A luxury residential ranch recently underwent renovations to include more windows
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Photos by Francis Dzikowski Photography

The Continental Divide manifests a mountainous natural beauty spanning the length of North America. In the United States, there are various passes throughout the Great Divide–each route offering dreamlike views and allowing visitors to experience some of the world’s most inspiring natural beauty.

Along the Divide lies Independence Pass–a Rocky Mountain byway that is part of a formally disused stage coach route. Discovery of this route stems back to 1806 after glacial action and erosion made way for a high mountain passage.

At first, this area was utilized for activities like hunting, silver mining, and the eventual construction of inns and rest stops. Times have changed. The areas surrounding Independence Pass are now a spectacle in their own right–boasting some of the most superb examples of high-end estates and ranches in the country.

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Many of these modern estates and ranches feature sleek lines, manicured gardens, and iconic views. One of them, a luxury residential ranch, recently underwent renovations to include more windows.

The ranch features Hope’s, makers of handcrafted windows and doors for over a century, hot-rolled windows and doors.

Twenty-one years ago, this estate was equipped with its first installation of Hope’s windows. The owners loved the final product, the contemporary aesthetic, and the product durability that stands up to the elements year after year.

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The ranch’s occupancy patterns dictated the window installations to be completed in three phases. In 2014, the first phase of renovations began. Each consecutive year–2015 and 2016–construction resumed to install a number of different Hope’s products.

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The owners fell in love with the existing Hope’s windows in the home. So with each new phase of renovations, architect Monique Agnew, AIA/LEED AP, Principal of Monique Agnew Architecture specified an increased number of the window maker’s solid hot-rolled steel windows and doors throughout the ranch.

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This most recent installation, which took up the first 6 months of 2016, aimed to create a stunning new family entrance. It leads to a dynamic, contemporary hall that connects to the other parts of the home.

“Prior to this renovation, the hallway area was very dark, so I redesigned it with sliding Hope’s doors instead of solid walls. This allows light to pass through the glass, into the hall, and make a small space appear larger,” says Agnew.

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Functional spaces were added throughout the new hall including a coffee station, day kitchen, and closets.

To get as much light as possible into the day kitchen, glass cabinets were precisely engineered and attached to the interior of a Hope’s solid hot-rolled steel window. In the same glazing style as the hall doors, these cabinets provide a matching aesthetic. The window acts as the wall itself; again, allowing natural light through and illuminating the room.

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For this phase of the renovation, the 375 sq. ft. space was equipped with 60 linear feet of 9′ 6″ tall solid hot-rolled steel sliding and swing doors with sidelight windows as well as a 9′ x 6′ solid hot-rolled steel fixed kitchen window.

“The remodeled entryway and hall now have a very sleek and modern appearance. The residents are enjoying the added benefits of a well-lit, inviting area,” says Agnew.

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