How to Feng Shui Your Backyard

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that promotes harmony between humans and our surrounding environments. While the method is most widely used to design comforting living spaces within the home, the principles can be brought out of doors. Feng shui can be used to create beautiful and cohesive backyard landscape designs, and bring positive energy into your outdoor living space this summer. To balance the energy in your backyard, considering adding these elements.  


Water is known for its serene and calming effect. Incorporate this essential element with a pool, a small stream with a waterfall, or a koi pond. Limited space? Even a small fountain can fill the yard with the soothing sound of running water.


Round shapes are believed to evoke a sense of family togetherness and security, making a great addition to your yard if it’s a place where you like to spend time with friends. Introduce round elements into your backyard by, including a round patio set or a fire pit.


Movement helps to create a flow of energy within your space, clearing away any feelings of staleness or stagnation. Incorporate movement with a decorative element such as a windmill, or add a flowing water feature.


Just like a cluttered home, a backyard full of too many features can create a stuffy and stressful environment. Keep furniture to the necessities, and keep large trees and plants away from the walls and windows of the house. The more space left between plants and decorations, the more open and positive your yard will feel. 

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