How to Define Your Style Before a Remodel

Often the hardest part of a remodel project is deciding how you would like it to look. Defining your personal style is critical in tying your whole home together into one cohesive space. Follow these tips to help walk you through the process of defining your style.

Look at what you have.

Go through your home and make note of everything you “love” or “hate.” Focus on the big things—furniture, art, architectural features—that can’t be moved. Figuring out the things that you love, and why, will help you notice common themes, and in turn help you use these design features to build on later. Be honest with yourself; this should be all about how each item truly makes you feel.

Pull together items you adore. 

This is a similar exercise to what we have just done, but on a much smaller scale. This could be your favorite coffee cup, living room decoration, painting, or chair. Bring the items that cause a positive emotional response together in one space. Again, look for the common themes and try to figure out why you love them.

Think about your favorite places. 

Think about the places you like to go, and the places that have an impact on you. Maybe there’s a coffee shop that you just love for some reason, or a home you love to drive past on your way to work. What about these places elicits that feeling, and what does it have in common with the items you’ve already chosen for your “love” category?

Once you have pooled everything together, lay it out and look for the common thread. Design is a visual practice, and putting it all in front of you will make seeing your unique style much easier. 

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