Host a Delightful Dinner Party by Incorporating Elements of Interior Design

Design aficionados: Apply these principles to your next soirée
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Planning a sensational dinner party is much like designing a room in your house. When we are once again able to invite our friends and neighbors into our homes, keep these design tips in mind to throw a dinner party your guests are sure to enjoy.

Be intentional with your selections. Think about who you are inviting and how they will interact with one another. When designing a room in your house, it is important to consider who uses the space and what purposes it will serve. For your party, is your intent to reunite old friends or introduce new connections? Are children allowed? Are spouses included? Carefully curate your guest list and be clear about your reason for bringing everyone together. 

Provide the appropriate amount of space and seating. When selecting furniture for a room, how everything fits and flows is paramount. Similarly, make sure you can accommodate everyone in your home comfortably, including ample standing room and conversational seating — in addition to a chair at the table.  

Establish an overall aesthetic. Just as you use style inspiration for your room, select a theme such as “rustic” or “Hollywood glamour” and design your invitations and décor around it. This will also help your guests plan their attire for the evening.

Set the mood with lighting. In the design of your home and your event, it is important to create a space that is warm and inviting for your friends and family. Invest in dimmable lighting, utilize the fireplace, and add candles to your tablescape to create ambience.

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Pay attention to the details. Just as the way your books and belongings are arranged on your shelves can transform a room, a beautiful tablescape can elevate your dinner. Avoid clutter and bold dinnerware that will clash with the food; keep it classic and monochromatic with pops of color in your napkins or floral centerpieces. 

Create a focal point. Hosting a successful party is about creating a memorable experience for your guests. Like a provocative work of art or unique piece of furniture, consider adding a “statement piece” to your dinner party that guests will remember long after the event, such as a specialty cocktail, elegant dessert, or live entertainment.

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