A Fort Collins Stunner for the Owners of Forge & Bow

Interior designers and married duo Annie and Jordan Obermann redesign a home for their own family
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Photography by Arris Photography

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles sat down with homeowners and interior designers Annie and Jordan Obermann to learn more about their stunning Fort Collins abode.

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How did you come across this home?

AO & JO: We were looking for something specific, and this home had just fallen through with a buyer. At first, Annie hated the house and wouldn’t give it a second look, but she was sold once she saw the interiors. 

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What was your schedule like for the redesign?

AO & JO: Our third baby was on the way, so completing this project on time and within budget was of utmost importance. We also needed the home to be durable and functional for our soon-to-be family of five. 

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Tell us about the color palette.

AO & JO: The home itself was a hodge-podge design. We really wanted to lean into Mid-century Modern while still showcasing the colonial inspiration. We played into traditional elements, opting for simplistic and muted color tones to do that. 

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Where did you source all of the beautiful art?

AO & JO: Most of the pieces came naturally since we’ve collected them over the years. We also love visiting flea markets to shop for art.

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