FoCo Luxe: A Crown Jewel in Fort Collins

With its upscale, Fort Collins-themed design, The Elizabeth Hotel offers a royally cool stay

Fort Collins is getting a new jewel in its shiny crown and it’s a big one. The Elizabeth Hotel, which opened December 5, 2017, is a four-star stay in downtown Fort Collins. But it's more than simply a place for visitors to lay their heads. The property is a gathering spot for friends, families, music-lovers and more.

The Elizabeth Hotel is, first and foremost, a luxury hotel. The hotel’s interior design mixes art deco, traditional and contemporary styles, and includes materials such as marble, hardwoods and mosaic tiles. A rich color scheme of deep burgundy and creamy white ties it all together.

The Grand Staircase

The juxtaposition of design themes at The Elizabeth means that everyone will feel at home, whether in a ball gown or jeans, and that’s the goal. After all, this is Colorado.

Music plays a big part in Fort Collins’ modern day story, and the hotel has embraced this narrative throughout. The Elizabeth Hotel will be alive with the sound of music from top to bottom every day of the week.  

Sunset Lounge

In addition to two venues that will frequently host live music, Sunset Lounge and The Magic Rat Live Music, guestrooms come equipped with a record player and 12-to-15 albums. If a guest can’t find something that tickles their musical fancy, they can pop down to The Elizabeth Hotel’s lending library that includes vinyl as well as books. Also, if a guest is musically inclined, they can check out an instrument.

Sunset Lounge, on the hotel’s fifth floor, features a rooftop area where guests and visitors can take in the Colorado sunset while enjoying a cocktail. Inside, musicians will tickle the ivories of the Sunset Lounge’s baby grand piano, three or four days a week.

The Magic Rat has a more gritty feel than Sunset Lounge. This music venue opens up to Firehouse Alley, where outdoor murals will brighten the guests’ view. The Magic Rat will host big-name artists and local late-night jam sessions, and will be filled with music at least four to five days each week.

On the first floor of The Elizabeth Hotel, visitors will find the Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market, a sort of European-style mercantile that will provide exceptional, locally-sourced food. The Wine market has hundreds of bottles of fine wines, artisan cheeses, condiments, fresh flowers and more.

The Emporium Kitchen also has a walk-up window where patrons can purchase coffee and ice cream. With public spaces throughout the property, The Elizabeth is positioned to become a gathering spot for more than just tourists.

The Corner King Room

Hotel guests will be treated to a glamorous lobby and artfully appointed rooms and suites. Classic rooms are decorated with thoughtful artwork and have all the modern conveniences demanded by a frequent traveler. The suites here are one-of-a-kind; one features a baby grand piano, while another is decked in green and gold, with Colorado State University alumni in mind. One even embraces everything Fort Collins is best known for—bikes and beer.

The Beer & Bike Suite

The Rams Suite

Whether one visits from afar or from near, The Elizabeth Hotel is a top-notch, impressive property, but it also exemplifies what Fort Collins is today: a vibrant city offering the best in beer, music, bikes, recreational activities and more.

The Elizabeth Hotel
111 Chestnut Street
Downtown Fort Collins, Colorado


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