Denver Bronco Graham Glasgow’s Modern Family Home

After signing a four-year contract to play for the Broncos, Graham and his wife Allison found their dream home
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Interior designers Jane and Stephanie Henderson created a style that was modern but livable for their clients the Glasgows. “Their overall style falls in the Mountain Modern aesthetic,” Stephanie says, “and they wanted warm woods and greenery to juxtapose with the clean lines and the black-and-white.” | Photography by Jess Blackwell

When Graham Glasgow signed with the Denver Broncos in 2020, he and his wife, Allison, were overjoyed. “Denver was my number-one choice,” she says. “We absolutely love it here.” First on their wish list was to buy a home that really fit their family—no small feat for a professional football player, a former volleyball player and a 100-pound doubledoodle.


Interior designers Jane and Stephanie Henderson knew that size would be very important. “They’re both very tall people,” Stephanie says. “Graham is 6’6” and Ally comes in not too much below that. We wanted to design a space that felt homey but also spacious and scaled to their size.

Step one was for the Glasgows to buy a house, of course. But the process was complicated by the pandemic, and they were forced to search for their first home remotely. “It was a weird time,” Allison says. “We got lucky because this house was under contract, but due to Covid it went back on the market. We snagged it.”

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The space includes a large neutral sofa, comfortable leather lounge chairs and wooden chairs with cane backs. “We really discussed seeing the back of a piece of furniture; not every piece is as dazzling from the back,” says interior designer Stephanie Henderson.

Then the Glasgows worked with the Hendersons to choose furnishings that reflected their vibe. “I wanted the house to feel modern but livable,” Allison says. “Their overall style falls in the Mountain Modern aesthetic,” Stephanie Henderson says, “and they wanted warm woods and greenery to juxtapose with the clean lines and the black and white.”

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Light fills the room with its picture windows. “The windows were something we absolutely loved about the house,” says homeowner Allison Glasgow. A round pedestal table echoes the shape of the pendant light above.

The interiors were planned virtually. Neither the homeowners nor the designers saw the house in person until everything had been shipped to Denver. Given the constraints of designing from afar, along with their clients’ need for comfort, the Hendersons focused on space planning. “We had to make sure—inch to inch—that things were going to be suitable!”

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A large island allows seating for five people. A mix of organic materials—including leather, stone and metal—adds texture to the modern black-and-white design. Tall cabinets include electrical outlets, so small appliances can be tucked away.

The homeowners brought only one thing from Michigan: their bed. “With athletes, sleep is important,” Jane Henderson says. “Their bodies are their capital. Graham had a custom bed, so we had to have a frame built to accommodate it.” The couple wanted the bedroom to feel like a sanctuary. “We wanted a very clean and relaxing space to get away to,” Allison says.

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The space was designed for Allison, a graphic designer and photographer. “Graham’s office is the football field and she’s a creative. We loved designing an office for a woman,” says Stephanie Henderson.

Despite the tricky start, the home turned out perfectly for every member of the Glasgow family. Allison, who loves to cook, got her dream kitchen: “It has a really nice island with lots of seating, and the amount of space is amazing.” Graham got his favorite chair. “I have to give my husband credit on this one. When he saw the leather chair, he said yes, clearly this is the one we want.”

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Ample light, neutral tones and layered textures create a sanctuary feel in the bedroom. A watercolor-inspired painting by artist Benson-Cobb adds to the room’s relaxing vibe.

And Gordy, their half-goldendoodle/half-labradoodle, got a yard. “Our dog loves Colorado because he gets to spend the majority of the day outside,” Allison says. He’s happy inside as well: “Every bed, every couch, every surface—he considers his.”

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A feature wall hides a pass-through to the kitchen. Floating ladderback chairs from Four Hands and black vessels from Global Views complete the look.

The Glasgows recently welcomed a baby girl, and she is giving them more reasons to love their home. “It’s a great family neighborhood. In the summers, we have alley parties. It’s such an added bonus. Our neighbors are all super friendly.”

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