Best Indoor Plants

The experts at Birdsall & Co. share a few of their favorite plants to infuse new life into your living space

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Studies show that houseplants can reduce stress and improve air quality. It’s never too late to keep your health (and home décor!) in mind by adding some green to your space.

Annie Huston, owner and resident Queen Bee of Birdsall & Co., shared her favorite indoor plants to infuse new life into your living space this year.

“I’ve include the most common one plus one that is a little bit more interesting, in the same family, if customers want to up their game a little,” says Huston.

From easiest to keep alive to succulents, cacti and more, she’s included trailing plants to those with beautiful flowers when they bloom.

Easiest to Keep Alive

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Huston’s choice for heartiest indoor plant is Pothos. “There’s nothing better than a big trailing Pothos,” she says. This plant is perfect for those without a green thumb, thriving in indoor environments lacking light and moisture. Pothos vines can grow up to ten feet long, and easy propagation means you can grow multiple plants from one.

Most common: Pothos Golden

More interesting: Pothos Silver Satin

Easiest to Survive on Indirect Light and Little Water

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The Sansevieria—or snake plant—is the easiest plant that does not require a lot of direct light and thrives with little water. “This display shows you how many different sansevierias can grace your home,” says Huston of the image above. Recently reclassified as a Draceanas, Huston shares two top snake plant options.

Most common: Draceana Laurentii

More interesting: Draceana Sayuri

Best Trailing Plant With Flowers

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“Hoya is an easy trailing plant with beautiful flowers when they bloom,” says Huston. This tropical indoor plant—often called a “Wax plant” due to its thick waxy leaves—is a classic. It grows well and creates fragrant flower clusters.

Most common: Hoya Krimson Princess

More interesting: Hoya Compacta Variegata

Best in Direct Light

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If your home gets bright light, the Peperomia will thrive. There are more than 1,000 known species, all with thick leaves that vary in texture and color. These low-maintenance plants are great for an indoor-plant beginner.

Most common: Peperomia Frost

More interesting: Peperomia Puteolata (Parallel Peperomia)

Easy and Fast-Growing Trailing Plant

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Spider plants are great for rooms with big windows with bright light. These fast-growing trailing plants have pretty designs and grow “baby spiders” which make them easy to propagate. Spider plant Bonnie has amazing curly leaves,” says Huston of the above image.

Most common: Spider Plant Zebra

More interesting: Spider Plant Bonnie

The Instagram Favorite

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A great option for the Instagram-famous Ficus Fiddle Leaf Fig is an Audrey Ficus. Huston notes, “This plant has soft leaves and is much less temperamental.”

Annie’s Favorite Plant This Week

Tradescantia are easy indoor plants to grow. The key is paying attention to the soil’s moisture level-these plants like moist soil, not soggy. Blooms are white, pink, or purple, depending on species and variety.


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“If I were to have a succulent, it would be a Pencil Cactus because it grows quickly and I like the structural shape,” says Huston. Another great option is the Firesticks Cactus.

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