All the Rage: Two-Tone Cabinets

No matter your home decor style, this movement is a stunning addition for any home

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Can’t make up your mind about which color to select for your closet, home office, or entertainment center?  Why not combine two colors in your design? Recent trends in kitchen design show contrasting islands and mixed-tone upper and lower cabinets. This same idea can be applied to any space, such as closets, mudrooms and home offices, in which you are incorporating cabinets, drawers and shelves .

Here are a few design trends around two tone cabinet designs to think about:

Two tones alter your perception of a space.

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Mixing darker and lighter colors can help the room feel taller, longer, or wider. Using darker cabinets on the bottom helps ground a space while using lighter cabinets on top helps make a space feel more expansive. 

Two tones affect the mood of a space.

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Consider the mood you are trying to capture in the space you are designing. Dark cabinetry may feel heavy and imposing while bright white cabinetry may feel clinical and sterile. The use of contrasting colors can warm up a space that feels cool, or cool off a space that feels too warm. 

A second color can help to bring balance into a space.

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This main closet design shows lighter, large open hanging spaces and shelves incorporated with darker drawers and cabinetry, giving the space a balanced look overall. 

A second color can serve as an accent.

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A second color can be an accent to bring attention to the part of the room you want the focus to be on. For example if you have a fabulous island in the center of your closet that showcases your jewelry under a glass top, why not accent it with a different tone?

Two tones can be applied in a number of different ways.

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There are a wide variety of  tones to choose from and ways to apply them. Mix and match tones for your island, upper and lower cabinets, doors and drawer faces, trim, hardware, and even countertops.

Best of all, the two tone trend fits any design style. 

Whether your style is retro, modern, traditional, or something altogether different, the two tone trend can fit into any design scheme and upgrade your space to fabulous heights. 

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