A Neo-Victorian Home Remodel in Aspen

The renovation of this neo-Victorian home in Aspen’s historic West End neighborhood resulted in a complete transformation of its interior plan, all while retaining the majority of its original structural integrity.

The redesign was inspired by the work of artist Donald Judd, whose modern, minimalist sculptures represent a time in art when rationality and mathematics were driving forces.

The vision included a simple, clean design with beautiful materials that showcased the homeowners’ prized collection (and love) of art. The final result is a sculpture-like home that highlights the art of the architecture and the minimalism in its pure, open living spaces.

The home before

The original home design had common spaces on the ground level and a massive master bedroom on the upper level. While preserving the two roof gables, an opportunity was taken to maximize the open living space by reversing the use of the floors.

The home after

Sixty percent of the original roof and walls of the home were retained while the floor and roof plans were reworked to capitalize on the existing structure’s best features.

Bedrooms and a playroom were relocated to the lower and main levels, and all common areas moved to the upper level, becoming the center of activity for the home.

Connecting the 5,750-square-foot home’s three levels is a custom poured-in-place concrete elevator shaft, surrounded by a broad teak-and-steel staircase—combining cool and warm material accents. Absolute Black granite lines the floor throughout the entire home.

“Our home is a reality because of the architects. Their ability to keep the process moving forward by always taking it to the next level is unsurpassed.”— Client

Kitchen before

The kitchen was moved to the upper level from the ground floor and features stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a hanging mobile light from David Weeks Studio.

The master bedroom was brought to the ground level and features a custom-built white oak bed that appears to be afloat.

Bathroom before

The master bath incorporates stainless steel, stone slab walls, and a luxury spa.

Sarah Broughton, AIA is the Principal of Rowland+Broughton, a high-end architecture, urban design, and interior design firm based in Aspen and Denver, Colorado. Rowland+Broughton is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Colorado chapter, a visionary member organization providing advocacy, leadership, and resources for architects to design a better world. Sarah can be reached at 970-544-9006. 

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