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Meet Crystal Sagan of Cocktail Caravan
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Photo by Sarah Roshan

Crystal Sagan moved to Colorado from Chicago in 2006 for the sunshine, but what keeps her here are the cocktails. And by that we mean her Cocktail Caravan, a mobile libation station.

Sagan’s bartending résumé began in college in Michigan, and then grew to include curating cocktails at a friend’s wedding. It was a mad success and sparked enough interest that in 2016 a business was born.

Her Boulder-based bartending service has taken a hit from the pandemic, but her team of five to 10ish has kept things busy by offering private, virtual cocktail-making services for groups of all sizes, personalizing menus for each event and providing guests with recipes, history, tips and general merriment. She’s hoping that 2021 will be a bit more normal for her, which means an average of about 300 events.

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Photo by Julia Vandenoever

Cocktail Caravan also creates seasonal drink packages, for instance, “Fade to Black” a jet-black margarita with orange salt for Halloween, and the spring-themed “Garden Gimlet”—with cucumber, ginger, serrano, lime and basil. Select holiday packages— including for St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo— are available for delivery and pickup and include all of the mixings, as well as a recipe card with instructions.

Sagan designed Lolita, the name she’s christened her traveling caravan, because she thought it would elevate her clients’ events by creating more of a bar experience. “No one actually needs our help opening a beer or pouring a glass of wine— that’s not what it’s about,” she says. Lolita allows for a different kind of interaction. Guests can saunter up, chat and connect.

“Making good cocktails is part of it, but the heart of it is really customer service and human connection,” she says. “It sounds cheesy, but it’s like giving a really good gift to someone—it’s extremely satisfying when you know you’ve gone above and beyond someone’s expectations to make them feel cared for.”

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