5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Architect

The process of designing a custom home—your dream home—should be enjoyable, and a positive relationship with your architect is essential to a smooth and successful project. Keep these five factors in mind when it’s time to find your own expert.

1. Team Approach

Building a home is a team endeavor that includes the owner, builder, architect, and interior designer. Collaboration will be the key to the success of the project. Look for an architect who is a team player and fosters a cooperative atmosphere.

2. Open Communication

Make sure the architect is willing to not only listen to your needs and desires, but has the ability to translate them into the design.

3. Versatility

Typically, an architect who is versed in a wide range of architectural styles will be capable of providing the best design solutions for you. Versatility allows the architect to tailor the design to reflect your desires; the preferred design and style is one that delights you, the client.

4. Managing Budgets

Custom design is fun! Making decisions to balance your dreams with your budget can be challenging. The cost of a project is comprised of site, scope, structure, and specifications. These variables are defined early on by the team of client, builder and architect. Make sure your architect can clearly explain how each variable affects the design and budget.

5. Reputation

The architect is the steward of your goals and desires for your new home. Check out the history of the architect and get to know who you will be working with. Ask questions and get references. Does the architect do a significant amount of repeat business? Is the foundation of their business based on professionalism, integrity, and design excellence?


Paul Mahony is an architect and senior partner at KGA Studio Architects, a Louisville-based architectural firm specializing in residential architecture. Contact Paul at 303-442-5882.

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