5 Expert Tips for Creating a Succulent Garden Inside

Celebrate Earth Day indoors this year
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Photos courtesy of BLOOM by Anuschka

While we’re spending most of our time indoors as we comply with the state’s social distancing order, why not bring a bit of nature inside?

We called on our friends at BLOOM by Anuschka, a local floral shop in Cherry Creek that houses a curated and ever-changing trove of unique flora, art, fine furniture, fabrics, pillows and jewelry, to give us some ideas.

Below, their floral experts provide five tips for creating a succulent garden in your home.

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1. What are your top tips for creating an indoor succulent garden?
For a traditional look, vary the textures and sizes of succulents planted, or if you want to go more modern, use all the same type. Different color rocks are an excellent way to enhance the garden—we always love to use crystals to add a little extra. Of course, the most important thing is to use fresh, healthy succulents—best sourced from your local florist.

2. What are your favorite plants to use?
Personally, our favorites are Echeveria—there are lots of variants and they’re all just so gorgeous. Aeonium, Propeller plants, Pencil Cacti, Sedum Morganianum, and String of Pearls are some of our other go-to succulents.

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3. What’s the best way to care for this indoor garden?
It’s always good to have drainage in your indoor gardens—succulents hate sitting in water. If your pot doesn’t come with a hole, a layer of rock at the bottom will help keep them from being over watered and the roots happy.

Over watering is the biggest mistake we see. It’s always better to let it get too dry than too wet. Succulents will be happiest in bright light. While they can be in direct sunlight, if they aren’t used to it, you’ll want to do short periods of time until they’re strong enough to handle it.

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4. In your opinion, what will this indoor garden bring to a home?
A well-made indoor garden will bring good feng shui to any home. People need plants—they can improve your mental and emotional health, and caring for something living and growing is so rewarding.

5. Anything we’ve missed?
Don’t be afraid to experiment! Colorado’s climate is great—bring them in during colder days and nights, and let them bask in the warmer days.

BLOOM by Anuschka is still delivering floral arrangements and doing curbside pickup. For more information and to shop online, head to bloomdenver.com.

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