3 Interior Transformations With Creative Design

See how three homeowners transformed conventional spaces using custom storage solutions
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Photography by Libbie Holmes

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Sometimes it takes creative solutions to help homeowners make sense of the space they have in order to meet their needs. Recently, Closet Factory collaborated with three amazing clients to help transform their homes in an unconventional manner, i.e., “flip the script” and turn otherwise-defined spaces into rooms tailor-made for them.

Here are their stories.

Dream Closet

Berthoud Dream Closet Elizabeth

Liz Hogan of Berthoud, Colorado, found a home with sweeping mountain views on the same street as her daughter and grandchild and jumped on it, despite a glaring problem in the floor plan—a tiny primary closet. Hogan was unfazed. She decided to simply convert an entire bonus room with double french doors into her dream closet instead of using the space as a traditional home office or sitting room.

Berthoud Dream Closet

The final design included mirrored doors, cove crown molding, tall openings for boots, deep cabinetry to encase her wardrobe, beautiful gold closet rods and hardware, and even a quartz top island with custom openings for laundry and personal touches, like her blue velvet jewelry drawer insert and makeup vanity.

Office/Guest space

Elizabeth A Barn Door Reach In 1

Gretchen Buschmann of Erie, Colorado, found her dream home with an equally confounding problem: a massive home office but no third bedroom for her college-aged daughter. With her need to flex the room, she was able to create a wall of closets and a desk space, so the room could be used by her daughter when she comes home and as a home office as well. The interior space can be used as either shelving or hanging rods for clothing. The design could only be achieved with fully custom cabinetry accessible by four sliding doors.

Laundry room

Erie Laundry Elizabeth

Rachel Bates of Erie, Colorado, found herself with an uncommonly large laundry room. Rather than just building arbitrary cabinets, she asked for design options rarely seen in a laundry room. In addition to the expected drying racks, hamper storage and laundry basket shelves, Bates’ vision for a complete wrapping station to store wrapping paper, ribbons and bags was also incorporated, creating an excellent duality in the space.

Bates Laundry 2
In order to achieve good design, there are a few simple steps of accountability to consider. It’s important to bring in an expert to discuss the advantages of how to optimize the space’s flexibility as well as the overall longevity of the design plan. A good designer will consider the whole home to create cohesion with adjoining rooms and give important details the attention they need. When a collaboration is brought to a final design, it should be reviewed by experienced engineers and built by reliable and conscientious installers.

While many homeowners would have simply followed convention in a bonus room and tried to curate an attractive home office or library, Hogan had a vision, and she followed it right to a dream closet. When Buschmann was faced with choosing between a home with a mountain view or a home with a third bedroom, she found a way to have both. When Bates realized that gift-giving was a way of life for her and needed a dedicated space, she explored all her options and found a fantastic solution.

Elizabeth Allen is a Senior Designer at Closet Factory in Denver, Colorado, which has been creating completely personalized and unique storage solutions for clients for 25 years. View their profile or contact Elizabeth at 303-690-6901.

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