What’s Your Color Confidence?

If you prefer white walls and neutral furnishings…
Opt for just a touch of color. “Try painting the inside of cabinets and bookshelves or niches so you get a peek of color,” recommends Sonu Mathew, senior interior designer with Benjamin Moore. “It’s important that you feel secure in your environment when using color.”

Go bold in a smaller space—like a powder room, foyer or guest room. “Any area that’s a little more contained, where you could close off the space,” Mathew says. You’ll experience the color, but not be overwhelmed by it.

If you like splashes of color throughout your home…
Create colorful vignettes. “Celebrate a trend in your home by displaying some of your favorite accessories in a grouping that reflects the ways colors are being combined,” architectural color consultant KD Fikso says. Mix vases in different shades of blue, or chargers and plates in interesting color pairings.

Paint a piece of furniture. “Maybe it’s a painted chair that sits in the office area of your kitchen,” Fikso says, or a period piece that’s brought up-to-date with an unconventional hue. Add color to lamp bases, frames of mirrors, or with linens and throws in the bedroom or bath.

If you’re ready to go BIG with color…
Paint the ceiling. “Color doesn’t have to be on the walls,” Mathew says. “You could have a neutral room and apply a bold trend color to your ceiling.”

Redo the kids’ room. “Talk about trendy; kids are changing every couple years,” says Fikso, who suggests children’s bedrooms as the perfect place to experiment with playful hues.

Word to the wise: Invest in neutral fixed finishes and large furnishings. Mathew recommends buying neutral furniture and soft goods, and woods that you’ll love for a long time—then playing with color from there.


KD’s Color Palette
Staring at blank walls, in need of inspiration? Architectural color consultant and interior designer KD Fikso shares a well-chosen palette of on-trend hues to get you started. kdfikso.com

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