What to Do With Your Fireplace During the Summer

There’s nothing quite like getting warm and cozy next to the fireplace in the winter, but when the cold season comes to an end, it can feel as if that part of your wall is no longer useful. Even though the heat from the flames is no longer necessary, it doesn’t mean that your fireplace space can’t be enjoyed. The key is getting creative. How can you continue to use your fireplaces during the warmer months?

Switch out fire logs for traditional candles to keep the wintertime aura without the heat. Use scented candles for a little aromatherapy or colored candlesticks to add a pop of color.

Celebrate summer by decorating the fireplace and mantle with seasonal pieces. For a nautical feel, utilize the traditional sailboats, anchors and boat wheels accented by stars and stripes in colors like red, white and navy. If the beach is calling to you, fill jars with shells and arrange around drift wood for a nice beach theme.

Bring a bit of nature to the room by planting a few herbs and spices in flower pots and create a small indoor garden. For those who lack a green thumb, you can fill a small aquarium with tropical fish and surround it with large stones or place a cascading fountain on the inside and frame it with artificial greenery.

Free up some space and an eye-catching touch to the room with a DIY storage nook.  The vacant fireplace is a great spot to fill with the different vases you have hanging around the house. You can also add some shelves and create a library for your books or showcase your favorite bottles of wine by placing a wine rack in the empty space.

For a country feel, and to get you prepped for colder weather, stack logs inside of the fireplace. This will give the logs ample time to dry out before the colder months and add a shabby chic touch to the room. Carry the theme through to the mantle by incorporating accents like white candles in varying sizes, a rustic wooden clock and assortment of family photos.

To add the illusion of warmth without lighting a flame, wrap logs in a string or two of twinkle lights and place them in the fireplace. Another option is to attach a sheer curtain to a tension rod and string some twinkle lights behind it. Hang the piece in the fireplace’s opening and light at night to give off a warm glow.

By alternating décor each season, you are able to have a unique living space all year long. Fireplaces can help you express your creativity and unique style when not being used for heat with just a few simple modifications. Friends, family and guests will be impressed by your ingenuity and might rush home to start their own projects.

By Arthur Lasky, Founder of HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces. HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces use patented gel cartridges that produce a safe, glowing flame without the emission of ashes, odor or smoke. Each unit can be customized based on space, budget and style and used in or outdoors.

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