Using Onyx in Home Design

Using natural materials in home design has been trending since 2014, but the rise of semiprecious materials such as onyx is more recent. The luminescence of onyx has made it a popular choice for decorators in both modern and traditional settings. Bloom by Anuschka in Cherry Creek carries onyx vessels, sushi dishes, bowls, and boxes—and can barely keep them in stock. Here, a brief bit of onyx enlightenment from Bloom’s exclusive vendor/supplier.

Q: What exactly is onyx?

A: Onyx is a banded form of quartz—microscopic quartz crystals arranged in a random pattern—also known as agate and found throughout the Rocky Mountain West. These stone formations are actually massive crystalline calcium carbonate deposits known as stalagmitic calcite.

Q: In what colors is onyx available?

A: Onyx stone is found in all colors of the rainbow, but some colors and formations are quite rare. Pink and blue are the most valuable and most often of exceptional quality. Unique pale whites with natural, organic timber-like banding, and green with water-feature formations are just now appearing in finished pieces. The customary honey- or yellow-toned material is easily recognized as onyx. 

Q: What makes onyx so unique and versatile?

A: Most often, onyx is used in light fixtures due to the material’s ability to allow light to transmit throughout. Simple table and floor fixtures are easy to place in all décor styles. Wall panels and standing room dividers are an excellent method of filling and lighting any space. Recessed lighting under onyx wash basins and solid countertops are creative and easy to maintain, and present a unique ambience.

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