Trending for Fall 2017—What’s In (and What’s Out)

As fall approaches, so do new style trends in home design. Fresh furniture and home décor collections are emerging, and we’ve definitely noticed a pattern of trends and design concepts. And as new trends enter the scene, old ones exit.

Here are the design movements for fall 2017—as well as what’s going out of style as the year comes to a close.

Mixed styles

As daylight shortens, time becomes more precious, and we seek spaces to which we can escape. This means that casual is in, and layering styles is the perfect way to incorporate touches of contemporary elegance without forgoing comfort. It also ensures that your home is an extension of your own unique personal style.


The neutral-all-over look lasted awhile, but home design trends are moving away from this uniform, minimalistic style. 2017 is turning out to be a year of color—and not just one. Even gray, which was one of the hottest hues of 2016, is severely losing its luster.

Modern French

A new player in 2017 is a traditional French style paired with clean and modern silhouettes, metals, and painted glass to create an industrial-chic look. This type of glam mix merges two of the past several years’ most pervasive home trends—industrial interiors and laid-back luxurious.

Midcentury modern

… at least when not done well. Some designers are touting that clients are already tiring of the once-super-trendy 1960s style. However, that may be due to an influx of popularity and furnishings mimicking the look; what will never go out of style are classic, original pieces from the era.

Unexpected angles

Another new trend is an architectural form with asymmetrical, angular lines. This approach offers a fresh perspective on contemporary styling—capturing interest and creating a statement. Inventive geometrics are also on the rise, whether it’s triangles, bold patterns, or simple lines.

Carved and curved

Heavily carved and curved elements are bowing out this year—lines are getting cleaner and more distinct. An exception, however, is artisan-carved furniture—people are leaning towards quality, well-made pieces that add character and interest to their home. Just keep this in mind: balance is key.

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