Tour a Custom Condo at the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver

Made possible by the design team at Rowland+Broughton, a businessman creates his dream home
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Photos courtesy Rowland+Broughton

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles sat down with associate project manager Leslie Cope to learn more about how Rowland+Broughton turned this custom condo into a minimalist’s dream home.

What was the owner’s vision for this project?

LC: The owner travels the world for work, so he often stays in hotels. He’s come to love the hotel lifestyle because of how minimalistic they tend to be. However, living in what felt like a residential space was still really important to him. He wanted his condo to be truly functional yet unique and beautiful.

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How would you describe the design style? 

LC: Sightlines were the main focus of the home, so the design is minimalist, but not in a stark white and sharp edges way. There’s a low-profile vibe so that the view remains the focal point. We opted to use natural colors, like brass tones, blues and greens. 

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What room stands out the most to you? 

LC: The main space is inevitably the standout room, and that was always the intention. Even before we did anything to it, it was certainly the room where the client’s focus was. He knew he’d be entertaining clients in the space as well as just relaxing, so it showed the most malleability with how much we could do with the room. 

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We love the living room sofa. Tell us about that custom piece.

LC: Rooster Socks Furniture in Denver designed the piece. We gave them details of the room alongside a 3D rendering. 

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And the kitchen table?

LC: The island was custom fabricated by Flenard Construction. After rounds and rounds of visualization on what the curve should look like, we went really practical in terms of material, so we ended up selecting Corian.


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