There With Care… And Then Some

As the mother of two healthy daughters, I am grateful on a daily basis. As a friend, I have watched families go through the heart-wrenching parallel universe of childhood cancer. I am so proud to live in the state where There With Care, an organization that so brilliantly comes to the aid of families dealing with critically ill children, was born. What started as a three-person project in the Boulder dining room of Paula DuPré Pesmen is now an army of angels 600+ strong, serving 135 families a day in Colorado with offices in Boulder and  Denver, (TWC has expanded to the Bay Area as well).

Their mantra is “We can’t fix it, but we can make it better,” and that is exactly what they do, from bringing love, groceries and gas cards to giving rides to chemo, babysitting, car fixing, house cleaning, birthday party planning and friendship. There With Care will do just about anything that a family needs to make their lives a little easier or enables parents to spend more time with their kids.

Our market editor Eliza Karlson has directed multiple films for the organization including this one: I urge you to watch. It will uplift your soul. I felt such a tremendous connection to these fabulous kids, their loving parents and all the volunteers who help them. It reinforces my belief in the world’s goodness. And if the films inspire you to share your time or make a donation, all the better. I am proud to support these folks, and I wish them and all of you a healthy year ahead. 

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