The Upsides to Having Your Art Professionally Installed

Colorado Art Services specializes in large art installations across the state, giving homeowners peace of mind when decorating their walls
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Photography courtesy Colorado Art Services

Finding great art to display in a home can be challenging, but hanging that art is another venture itself. The team at Colorado Art Services offers a personalized experience for art lovers across the state. We sat down with owner Nicholas Pittman to learn more about the service.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional art installation company?

NP: There are several reasons. One is less damage to your space. We focus on placement, continuity, efficiency and crafting an artful approach. A professional art installation company should highlight your art in a reasonable time, saving clients the hassle and headache. 

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What should clients consider when purchasing art for their homes?

NP: First and foremost, they have to love it. They’re going to be looking at it every day. It’s also important to consider the space intended for the art, which can make the search a longer process, but well worth it in the end. Knowing the vehicle for displaying art is frequently overlooked. Whether in a frame or a pedestal, I recommend putting as much thought into the display as the art.

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What makes Colorado Art Services special?

NP: We take in artful considerations while being incredibly detail oriented. Our team is well-versed in complex projects with heavy and high installations. Our experience handling a wide variety of art types really sets us apart. 

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What’s your most memorable installation?

NP: It was one of the first projects I did with Colorado Art Services. It involved a 200 lb mirror lifted and secured over a high fireplace mantel. We utilized a system of ladders, pulleys and careful handling to yield a beautiful space to be proud of.

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