The Pretty, Practical Pantry

Satisfy your organizational aspirations with these tips from California Closets

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“Getting organized” seems to be a goal for which many of us are continually striving. When our environment is in order, it results in one of the most satisfying feelings we can experience. Being organized gives us a sense of being in control. When we know exactly where something is located, be it a particular clothing item, suitcase or the car fob, it saves us time, energy and frustration looking all over the place to find it. We can take immense pleasure in the visual beauty this order creates and a sense of calm in feeling “all is well in my world”.


On the other hand, when we are disorganized, we can experience overt (or covert) feelings of dread and anxiety. In either case, we bring our energy into the world with us and over time, it has a real impact on our quality of life.

One may aspire to the dream closet, laundry or mudroom to make daily life more functional and beautiful – but my current passion is an oft-overlooked opportunity for satisfaction—the pantry!

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This integral aspect of the kitchen comes in variety of forms: from cabinet to closet to alcove to a room unto itself (where the butler used to reign). Whatever the size and scale of your pantry, functionality is crucial. While the kitchen tends to overshadow the pantry as a showplace, the show cannot go on without items from the pantry.

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A few tips to help you create a functional, practical pantry:

Consider shelf depth.

Shallow shelves often serve better than deep ones, whether your pantry is a cabinet or a room.
In order to take quick inventory and easily access cans, jars and boxes, 10 inches is perfect.
For bulk items and small appliances, 14″ deep shelving is usually sufficient.

Placement sets the stage.

Think of “hutching”: deep shelves as the base and shallow shelves above.

Adjustability is a must.

This is key to maximize space. Arrange items by height and place shelves accordingly – no wasted space between!

Include pull-outs.

Baskets, drawers and trays are essential for utensils, snacks and misc. small items.

Utilize vertical storage.

Accommodate cutting boards and serving trays with this space saving solution.

Don’t forget about lighting.

In large and small spaces, lighting will take your pantry to the next level of functionality and beauty.
Once its practical, make it pretty as you please. Allow the pantry to garner a bit of the limelight, too!

Leah Ansel is a Design Consultant with California Closets in Denver.  For over 40 years, California Closets has built a reputation as the leader in premium and luxury space management with nearly 150 showrooms and 900 professional design consultants across North America. View their profile, visit to learn more or call at 303.754.0415 to set up a free design consultation.

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