The New Local Artists

The nonprofit supports women in the creative industries

Supporting local businesses is more important than ever. The challenges of 2020 have hit small businesses especially hard, and the holiday season (and new year!) is a great time to shop consciously.

THE NEW LOCAL is a Colorado non-profit working to support local women artists and small business owners.

This year, the non-profit is hosting an online platform highlighting work from some of the finest women-creators in Colorado.

From original art cards and handmade earrings, to lotions, honey caramels and hand-stitched notebooks, these items are one-of-a-kind. Each sale on the website is paid 100% to the creator. Shop online now.

THE NEW LOCAL is more than marketplace. The non-profit also provides free business education to its creators-further empowering women to make and move local markets.

You can support the women creators at THE NEW LOCAL by donating to the organization. Your contribution directly supports the non-profit and its work to ensure women creators can earn a living wage through their creations.

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