The Editor’s Summer Travel Faves

A tote bag, a neck pillow, and a delicious snack that I (sometimes) share

Colorado has a wonderful supply of tote makers, including Winter Session on page 89. My local go-to is ByElke in Boulder. I used to follow Elke online, but now she has a sweet shop just off Pearl Street chock-full of her creations. I bought a gray-and-red leather bag for winter, but this one is perfect for summer travels. Big enough for a laptop, glasses, lip gloss—your basic essentials—but not so big as to stress the neck and shoulders. $330,

I hesitated to spend $60 on a travel pillow, but I have neck problems and this Cabeau Evolution Cool is a game changer. I bought it en route to Australia and slept comfortably and awoke without any stiffness. Dual-density memory foam, innovative cooling vents, and 360-degree head and neck support are company-speak for why it works. I’m just glad it does. I also use it for long car rides. Bonuses: The Evolution Cool comes with memory-foam earplugs; curls up nicely in its small, round pouch; and clips to whatever you’re carrying on.

It’s always good to have a tasty alternative to airplane food. I have taken to carrying a Bobo’s Stuff’d Coconut Almond Butter Oat Bar with me at all times—when I travel, when I’m hiking, plus an extra in my Elke bag for those days when lunch doesn’t happen. They’re densely caloric, so sometimes I share. But I truly love that these bars were invented in 2003 by Beryl Stafford and her daughter “Bobo” on a rainy afternoon in Boulder. Though their humble concoction has become a nationwide seller, it’s still made in small batches and carries on a beautiful mother-daughter tradition. Plus, coconut and almond butter? Come on! 

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