The Art of Bathroom Design

Whether you’re planning a small bath remodel or an entire master suite, consider this guide to smart design

Bathrooms are such personal spaces, and master baths are private sanctuaries.

When designing a bathroom in your home, it is important to create a checklist of the requirements along with a wish list in order to incorporate as much of your wants and needs as possible. Of course, there are the basic components: number of sinks; bathtub versus shower or both: toilet exposed or enclosed in a water closet; the occasional bidet—the list goes on.  

Typically dictated by architectural plans or existing conditions, bathroom design can be challenging. In spaces such as powder rooms or guest baths, it makes sense to consider access and necessity.

If the bathroom layout you’re working with boasts open space and tall ceilings, consider showcasing a focal point: a large vanity, statement mirror, or a stunning light fixture.

A standalone vanity can be a showstopper if presented proportionately. In a large room the accompanying accouterments are understated in order for the patterned tile floor to play a starring role. 

If the space is limited, a monochromatic color palette can lend a hand at creating more visual impact. A mirrored wall that extends the width of the cabinetry can help to make the room look larger.

As with white cabinetry in kitchens, white cabinets in bathrooms are timeless and classic. With such a simple backdrop, you can quickly change the aesthetic by switching colored accessories, like towels and mats.  You’d even have the flexibility to consider seasonal changes.

Whether you are planning a small bath remodel or an entire master suite, try to consider how you will live with it in the next 10 years. If trendy selections are made, chances are you will become disenchanted over time.

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