The (Almost) Daily Dose: Chicken Soup for the “Baby Grill”

Cooking for neighbors + the cutest video you'll see today
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My husband has always been a genius at expressing love through cooking.

For the past five weeks my husband has been cooking all day on Sundays and sharing multiple meals with our wonderful neighbors Katherine and Andrew who have two young kids, Miles, 3, and Virginia, 11 months old (known by her brother as the “baby grill”).

Scott takes the food out of the oven or off the stove and immediately puts it in a container and then on a cookie sheet on the front porch. He then texts Andrew and Katherine and they pick it up. Yesterday Scott and my daughter Annie cooked chicken soup with home-made, hand-rolled noodles. 

Post front porch pick-up we received this:


I keep replaying it because that joy is just the most delicious thing.

I hope you feel that way, too. Whatever brings you joy, hold on to it, replay it.

Keep going.

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