Take the Spook Out of Homework Time

3 tips for creating a fun, organized homework space—so that backpacks and folders don’t take over your dining room table.

School’s in full swing, which means your kids are past the back-to-school parties and knee-deep in the fall curriculum with homework galore. This Halloween, we thought we’d help with that scary pile of backpacks, folders, and laptops that seems to find its way to less-than-ideal parts of the house (the foyer, dining room table, sofa… sound familiar?). Here are some ways to create the perfect space designated to tackling those assignments with ease and- dare we say it- fun. Follow these tips to take the spook out of homework time—and get an A+ workspace for your kiddos.

But first!

Talk with your child about how they envision the space. Like most things in life, the best place to start is with a conversation about expectations. Ask your child what their wants and needs are, as well as about anything that might be causing anxiety around homework time. Maybe your child gets distracted easily and needs a clean, uncluttered space; or perhaps they feel most inspired when surrounded by shelves of books and motivational tokens pinned to a corkboard. Figure out your child’s ideal space, and then get to following these next steps.

1. A desk of their own.

Whether you have one child or five—and whether their homework space is a part of their bedroom or another spot in the house—a designated surface that’s all their own will help keep the mind focused and ready to get to work. Custom built-in desks, shelves, and cubbies can make this space feel even more special. Mount hooks for backpacks to avoid the front door pileup and allow easy transfer of assignments to and from their desk.

2. It’s all about organization.

A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. Playing with the dog in the backyard or watching their favorite TV show might already trump homework time; add to that a messy and disorganized workspace and you’re setting your kid up for a missed assignment or two. Teach them the value of being prepared and tackling one task at a time by organizing their homework space with them—books on shelves, important papers in files, pens and pencils placed in a drawer or cup. Create designated baskets for their incoming and outgoing assignments-they’ll love the sense of accomplishment they receive from emptying their “to-do basket” and filling up their “completed basket." Organization is a skill they’ll enjoy for the rest of their lives—and it starts now.

3. Add pops of color and personality.

Who says homework can’t be fun? Incorporate pops of your child’s favorite colors and other decor items that reflect their personality—framed posters and art, favorite song or movie quotes, etc. This way, the space not only supports who they’re becoming—but also reflects and celebrates who they are now.

Here’s to a happy Halloween, and that any homework assignments get done before the trick-or-treat fun begins!

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