Simply Grand

“I love anything elegant,” says the owner of a Greenwood Village patio that’s so grand it feels as if you’ve landed on the set of an old Hollywood movie. “It’s a tribute to a time when there was a sense of style, when people sat and had conversations,” the homeowner explains. “I want our guests to feel like they’ve gone somewhere.”

In a sense, they have. An avid traveler and longtime opera singer, the homeowner melded various regions and periods to achieve an eclectic, Old-World ambiance inspired by elaborate Eastern palaces, European culture, and the rip-roaring ‘20s.

Under a canopy of shade provided by a towering ash tree, refined Italian porcelain tile serves as the foundation for a rich array of textures and colors—like those you might find in elaborate opera sets. Stately Woodard wrought-iron furniture—a loveseat, chairs and ottoman with lion’s-head and claw-foot detailing in the sitting area, and dignified
dining chairs and table in a separate dining space—lend an air of drama.

Botanical accents soften the hard surfaces and add a lively counterpoint to the mellow Mediterranean gold tones. Plant-embellishedpillows and ceramics, along with topiaries and flowering urns, are placed among the furnishings to add a fresh, colorful note to the restful setting. The graceful result is alfresco perfecto.

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