Signature Bathroom Design with a "Wow" Factor

“I like to keep design simple and clean—I usually believe that less is more,” says interior designer Tami Wakeman of Blanc Canvas Interiors. But not always. “My philosophy changes with powder baths—this is where ‘more is more’ works,” she admits. The industrial-meets-glam bath Wakeman designed for this remodeled Boulder Country Club home is a case in point. A floating vanity of exotic wood topped with a chunky concrete countertop—both made by local artisans—anchors the room and acts as a counterpoint to the opalescent glass mosaic tile that reaches from countertop to ceiling. The homeowner hand-forged the thin metal frame of the mirror to complement the delicate, yet rustic wall sconces.

“Everything is elongated—the room feels so much bigger because we exaggerated the length,” Wakeman says. “The eye is completely drawn up.” A glitzy chandelier echoes the hourglass shape and sparkle in the tile.  “It also adds intimacy to the room, ties everything together and makes it feel finished,” the designer explains. “That chandelier is the icing on the cake.”

Tami’s Tips:

  • Try something unexpected in the powder bath, even if you think it might be too much. It’s the one room that almost everyone visiting the house sees—it deserves some visual impact.
  • Bring materials, such as tile and mirrors, up to the ceiling to create an illusion of more space.
  • Mix and blend different styles. This one little room is a great place to experiment with elements that are new, trendy and fun. 


Designer: Tami Wakeman, Blanc Canvas Interiors, Boulder

Categories: Bathrooms