Risa Friedman's Photography

I read and respond to almost every email that’s sent to me, and this particular one warmed my heart. It was from the mother of Risa Friedmanand she shared how inspirational she finds her daughter. Three years ago, Risa (above), who deals with rheumatoid arthritis daily and was facing her young son’s serious illness, decided to take up photography. I asked her to explain.

“I started spending more time taking photos after my younger son’s leukemia diagnosis three years ago. In my work, I celebrate the beauty of Denver through a focus on architectural detail and blocks of color. Photography helped me maintain a positive attitude during the hardest time of my life. Using a camera also changed the way I see—I now notice small shifts in light and shadow that I would have missed before. Art also led me to an ever-growing community of creative friends.” Thanks, mom, and thanks, Risa, for inspiring all of us and illustrating the amazing power of art. 

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