Revamping Unused Spaces

Creative ways to transform spaces into a functional part of your home.

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It’s rare that you hear someone say they have either enough or too much storage. In most cases, many of us have a space or two that has the potential to become a great area for extra storage, a workstation or a reading nook. With a little creativity, you can transform a tricky corner, a long hallway or an unused closet into a functional space that can easily become your new favorite spot in your home. 

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Carving out a functional space might be just what your home needs. It is important to begin by clarifying what’s missing in your home. Ask yourself what activities would you like to dedicate more space to, such as working, reading or simply the need for more storage. What do you use most and need quick access to? By answering these questions, it will help you narrow down some ideas and think creatively at empty or underutilized spaces. 

Oftentimes, our homes have many corners, closets or hallways we simply do not know what to do with. There are lots of opportunities to maximize areas that at first may seem unusable, but with a bit of imagination, these spaces can be transformed into a new functional area. 

The Unused Corner

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Many of us have one corner space in our homes we fill with a plant, vase or furniture because we do not think it can be utilized in another way. A corner desk is always a great option, it can be a place to store bills, reply to emails or act as a kids craft station. By adding open shelving, you can decorate your new space to match your home’s decor. If there’s enough room, cabinets are a great way to tuck away items that don’t necessarily need to be seen all the time. 

The Hallway

A hallway is a good place to look for a potential transformative space. People tend to overlook this area of the home and see them as unusable space, but with a little effort and creativity hallways can become a storage dream.  


A wider hallway could be a perfect place to add an extra linen closet or cabinets for general storage. If the hallway is too narrow, consider adding shelves above head height. Adding elevated shelves could be the perfect place for books or items you don’t use on a daily basis. 

The Reach-In Closet

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A small room such as a walk-in or reach-in closet has the best opportunity for transformation since and can be modified in so many different ways. Ask yourself, what do I really want or need most in this space? Perhaps it is a craft area, a home office, a cozy reading nook or a homework station for your kids. No matter what you have in mind, an unused or disorganized reach-in closet has great potential for your new space. 

Once you have chosen the space for transformation, choosing fun furniture, pictures or a vase will help add to the aesthetic of your home. One of our favorite comebacks this year was wallpaper. It has the ability to add such a fun statement to any space, and you can find it readily available at a reasonable price. By adding a few small touches, your new and functional space can easily become one of your favorite home additions.


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