Put Pretend Play in the Spotlight

My kids love a good costume, and so do I. Ever since our first was a toddler, we’ve kept a collection of pirate accessories, dresses, ninja bodysuits, tutus, capes, and anything else that could possibly transform a kid into a superhero ready to save the day.

For years we stuffed them in a trunk, until we discovered that they got twice as much use if we hung them at kid eye level. A tidy dress-up outfit on a hanger is far more appealing (and likely to get used) than one crumpled at the bottom of a trunk. And speaking of tidy, I’m quite selective about what stays in our dress-up drawers; once the line of sequins is dragging down the back, it’s pitched, unless it can be repaired easily.

There are several ways to hang the dress-up clothes. A kid-size rolling rack is both adorable and functional. You could use a closet rod hung low in a small space. Or install a series of wall hooks within reach of little arms. A small armoire or cabinet with a hanging compartment would also work. Just make it easy for your kids to see what the options are.

[Pictured above: Photo by Lesley Colvin; Stylist Courtney Adamo: These unusual wall hooks, shaped like branches, are beautiful even when they're empty. And the dresses on display feel like part of the room's decor.


Excerpted from Design Mom: How to Live with Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide by Gabrielle Stanley Blair (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2015

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