Powder Rooms

Earthy & Traditional
Designer Kerri Cole of DeSiGn, LLC, worked with a Denver homeowner to find those soul-stirring pieces that spoke of her style—and inspired an earthy-but-not-unsophisticated space

TILE FLOOR “I really love when you’re walking through the tile showroom with your client, and all of a sudden you can sense they’re so excited and something really speaks to them. That’s what happened with this tile.” Handpainted Terra Cotta Tile by Tabarka Studio decorativematerials.com
PEDESTAL SINK “Then we fell in love with this fabulous pedestal. We wanted to bring in the warmth of metal and make a statement.” Iron Washbasin Stand by Stone Forest, decorativematerials.com; Maestro Baja Vessel Sink by Native Trails, myekdesign.com

SCONCES “We thought a lot about lighting throughout the rest of the house. The ironwork looks like it matches perfectly in this space, bringing in warmth and speaking to the pedestal and faucet, and amazingly, it matches the rest of the home too.” Luxe Single Scone by Laura Lee Design, jjslighting.com
WALLS “We chose a warm wall color to offset the black and white tile. We wanted that really rich, warm earthy tone.” Warm Earth by Benjamin Moore, benjaminmoore.com
MIRROR “It adds this warm, striking focal point at eye level, and I think it speaks to the floor, but also adds an elegance so the room isn’t too earthy and primitive.” Client’s personal collection

Organic & Modern
In a West Vail vacation home, architect Scott Turnipseed and designer Elisabeth Reed of Scott S. Turnipseed AIA chose finishes that put a fresh spin on mountain style

TILE “We both loved it,” Reed says, “and thought, ‘That’s fresh and organic for the mountains, and also sort of watery, which works for a bathroom.” Ambra by Artistic Tile 

COUNTERTOP “We knew we wanted to use a cantilevered slab and it had to be simple.” Custom seamless walnut slab by JR Wing, (970) 376-0866
LIGHTING AND MIRROR “Powder rooms are places to have fun and do things differently. Ask yourself, ‘Does the mirror have to hang in the middle? Do the lights have to hang at the same height?’” Tribecca Mini Chandeliers by Kalco Lighting, jjslighting.com; Custom mirror with frame from The Frame Shoppe, vailframes.com
FAUCET AND SINK “This powder room looks sort of like a washroom, so the country-style fixtures worked well.” 1400 Series Vessel Pillar Lav Faucet by Sigma Faucets and Maestro Baja Vessel Sink by Native Trails, dahlplumbing.com
BASKET “You don’t want to put a bunch of cabinets in the space,” says Slifer Designs' Yvonne Jacobs, who chose the accessories, “so it’s about finding those decorative storage pieces.” Basket and towels, sliferdesigns.com
ACCESSORIES “The rug has a washed-out look that works well with the rest of the house, which is organic in feel, but has modern features. The star is actually a garden ornament, but it fills the space well.” Antique rug, thescarab.com; antique star, watsonandco.com

Glamorous & Sexy
With showstopping tile and luxe fixtures, designer Donna Guerra of DG&A Interiors brings feminine glam to an edgy mountain-modern chalet in Aspen

TILE “The powder rooms we design are always dramatic because it’s the most visited bathroom in the house. When I saw this brand new tile, I said, ‘I have to use this,’ especially because of the antler motif. We had to reduce our budget in other areas so we could get this tile!” Mirror and glass antler mosaic by Erin Adams for Ann Sacks, annsacks.com

SINK “It grounds the brown tones in the room and makes it feel a little more solid. The backdrop is a busy pattern, so the sink gives the space focus without upstaging the tile.” Glass sink by Vitraform, vitraform.com
SCONCES “This particular fixture had a crystal feel to it, so it brought that bit of elegance and femininity into the space.” Agatha Wall Sconce by Hèmèra Lighting, illumsys.com
CABINETRY “We wanted to ‘float’ the cabinet, and the lighting underneath [by Robert Singer Lighting] gives it that cantilevered feeling. It’s one big drawer that pulls open from the top, so there’s a place to store the toilet paper.”  Ebony-stained walnut cabinet by Genesis, genesiscabinet.com

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