Winter days inspire designer Beth Armijo of Armijo Design Group in Denver to warm up interior spaces with a palette of ochres, creams, golden yellows and charcoal. “With less sunlight in your space, you want colors and textures that carry warmth and energy,” she says. “Mixing and matching from these fabrics and paints will create an organic-yet-classy look.” Armijo selected fabrics that feel handmade—notice the Mikado fabric from Sahco (available through Bergamo) and the Bijou fabric from Donghia. “I pull ideas from the fashion world, and we’re seeing a lot of fabrics that look like someone spent time hand-crafting them. This gives a room a sense of depth and interest that I love.”

For more suggestions on textiles, accents and accessories to warm up your home, turn to the January/February issue of CH&L.

UPHOLSTERY: IMPERIAL BY SAHCO John Brooks, Denver, “I like to mix the classic with the modern in a room. This fabric has a classic feel—a little goes a long way. Use it on a small piece of furniture to add a touch of elegance.”

ACCENTS, TOP TO BOTTOM: STEPPING STONE BY POLLACK Egg & Dart, DDD, (303) 744-1676. “Use this fabric as an accent piece—as a drapery band or inset on the back of dining chairs. You don’t need much of a bold pattern to get a high impact.”

John Brooks. “Don’t be afraid to use a darker color in a room, but be sure to use it sparingly. This would be lovely on the back of a wing chair.”

GUGLIELMO BY RUBELLI John Brooks. “I love how delicate this fabric is! It would be perfect for a bolster pillow on a bed. Golds and ochres look fabulous against charcoal.”

WINDOW TREATMENTS: MIKADO BY SAHCO Kneedler-Fauchere, DDD, (303) 744-7474. “This fabric would also be ideal as a wallcovering. It’s polyester, so it’s durable, but it looks like someone patch-worked the fabric by hand.”


John Brooks. “Choose a sturdy, no-nonsense piece like this one when you have so many other textures and layers. It gives balance.”
HERRINGBONE RUG BY KYLE BUNTING John Brooks. “This rug is made from animal hide. Put a rug with an interesting texture on your floor to add subtle dimension to the room.”

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