Modern Gift Boxes Share the Love of Colorado

Colorado Crafted travels the state to handpick local food & well-made products

Here at Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, we love to hear about Colorado small businesses that offer super-cool products and services that might make our readers’ lives more beautiful and exciting—whether it’s inside their homes or exploring the Colorado outdoors, and beyond.

This time around we’ve heard about two woman-owned Colorado small businesses that have partnered to share the Colorado love. (How many times can we say the word Colorado? You’re about to find out.)

Colorado Crafted is a company that has our best interests at heart—discovering and sharing the best in Colorado-made products. Founders Sarah Welle and Dulcie Wilcox—also the co-creators of food and cocktail blog Two Tarts—live and operate out of Longmont, Colorado, assorting thoughtfully curated items into stunning gift boxes.

The Day Hike box

These collections are a great “thank you” or “I’m thinking of you” gesture and also have the added bonus of promoting noteworthy Colorado shops. Each gift box is exclusively assembled (you’d have to travel all around the state to replicate one) and then presented in signature modern packaging—it’s not your typical basket-wrapped-in-cellophane contraption. Colorado Crafted’s assortments range from the “Colorado Camping” and “Day Hike” to the “Deluxe Denver” and “Crater Lake” boxes.

The Denver Deluxe box

Recently, the company has partnered with Denver-based wallpaper boutique and consultancy Walltawk—you might remember Walltawk owner Batya Stepelman from the feature we did on her family’s beloved 1895 Queen Anne in Denver’s historic Congress Park neighborhood. Stepelman, a fifth-generation New Yorker, fell in love with the mountains and moved west, founding Walltawk with the aim of making homes and shops not only more stylish but also more comfortable, joyful, and inspiring for all who enter.

The Walltawk Box

Colorado Crafted’s new Walltawk Box is curated by Stepelman herself. Stepelman has chosen some of her favorite products to feature in these boxes, each item a Colorado necessity or iconic product in its own right, and all of them are made by other woman-owned businesses. Each box is topped with a unique square of designer wallpaper from Walltalk’s body of work, a fun addition to the mix.

Squares of Walltawk wallpaper

Ten percent of all proceeds will be donated to a charity selected by Stepelman. Each month the charity will rotate, but her first three are There With Care, Project Worthmore, and The Delores Project.

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