Living Room Elegance for the Contemporary Home

3 tips for adding pure luxury to your gathering spaces

One of the most exciting aspects of home design is not only surrounding yourself with beauty, but creating a space that speaks to your own unique lifestyle, personality, and tastes. There are so many style features to play with—minimalism, midcentury modern style, sleek lines, traditional furniture, European details, bright colors, modern art. And that’s only a smattering of aesthetics we’ve seen in Colorado’s home design industry and beyond.

Contemporary home design has been on the rise, and it’s easy to see why the style is trending. Clean-lined finishes, angular surfaces, bright interiors, and walls of glass are all common features found in contemporary style, emitting a sense of “cool” at every turn. But sometimes “cool” can translate to “cold” if you don’t have a proper mixture of elegance in your gathering spaces, inviting loved ones to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other in true (stylish) comfort.

Here are three tips for adding pure luxury into your living room, from the pros themselves.

1. Classic Furnishings

“Classic furnishings are so popular because they are absolutely timeless,” says Amy Foster, lead gallery buyer at The Showroom @Furniture Row. “There is an inherent elegance in the simplicity of a rolled arm on a sofa, turnings on a table’s leg, or tufting on a chair.” Layering styles in this way creates dimension and depth.

2. The Little Things

When it comes to boosting the chic factor, you don’t necessarily have to think big. “What really makes a room elegant is the details,” says Courtni Vecchiarelli, head editor for The Front Door Blog. “Luxurious textiles, a sophisticated color palette, and upscale finishes really make a huge difference when decorating a space.”

3. True Comfort

While luxury definitely looks good, it’s also important that it feels good. An elegant living room in a contemporary home provides numerous opportunities to unwind and feel at home—in style. Items with comfort and texture, like high-quality throws, cushy sofas and chairs, and plush pillows, are an excellent addition to your gathering space.

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