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Lifescape Colorado

455 S. Platte River Dr, Denver, CO 80223
Landscape Design, Outdoor Living (Furniture/fire pits/water features/planters), Tile/Stone/Hardscape

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Building Lifelong Relationships by
Creating Timeless Outdoor Spaces

Create elegant outdoor spaces that complement your lifestyle! From contemporary entertaining spaces and lush formal gardens, to easy-to-maintain Xeriscape and hardscapes, Lifescape Colorado is a recognized innovator for Colorado landscape design and property care.

An award-winning landscape architecture and design firm for residential and commercial properties, Lifescape Colorado has created timeless outdoor living retreats since 1976. Our landscapes are customized to the way our clients live and built with the future in mind.

We are a partner in your landscape investment. As your outdoor space matures, our professional team of outdoor living experts ensures your property maintains its luster through ongoing care, education, and high-touch services.

Services include:
• Landscape architecture and construction
• Comprehensive property care services
• Irrigation and water management planning
• Innovative outdoor lighting
• Sustainable, Xeriscape and eco-friendly landscaping

Let our designers and landscape architects transform your outdoor space or our property care team nurture your landscape with our weekly maintenance and complete gardening services.