Light, Sky and Daily Wonder

I talk about the light in Colorado a lot. That’s because I notice it almost constantly and I’m grateful for it. As the days lengthen, I relish those extra hours when I can sit on my deck and enjoy the views, some conversation and one of my husband’s excellent cocktails.

I am anxious for the arrival of two Room & Board chairs for the deck. They have these little ottomans that I am already dreaming of putting my bare feet upon. Last year we started having our coffee in the garden a few mornings a week. And I have to say it was a wonderful thing for our marriage. No computers, no phones, just taking in the sunshine and savoring the beginning of the day together. Sometimes we just quietly sipped side by side, but often a genuine conversation (not about to-do lists or dinner plans) broke out.

I am excited to get back to that schedule and insert bits of vacation-like calm into our routine.

Homeowner and friend Sabine Taal provided me with a perfect photo op in her living room chair. (See her art-filled house here.)

We have filled the May 2017 issue with a slew of products—from hanging chairs to fireplaces—that enhance the outdoor experience here in Colorado. We also highlight three homes that revolve around enjoying what’s just beyond windows and doors, with pools, patios and even some special “glamping” tents that serve as outdoor guest rooms. All three of these spaces speak to the people who live within, and sparkle with individual personality.

Enjoy the light!

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