Let’s Roll

The August 2018 Editor's Letter

Mountain homes and super-talented young architects and designers: two of my favorite subjects. It’s always a joy to introduce the 2018 Five Under 40 Winners because A) they’re doing fabulous work, and B) they’re a wonderful group of people. Please meet them and see what they’re up to. Major kudos to the three fabulous ladies responsible for this package: Senior Editor Michelle Johnson, Art Director Eleanor Williamson and photographer Jen Olson (left to right, above). We are so lucky to have this great triumvirate on our roster! We are also thrilled to show off three incredibly different mountain homes in this August 2018 issue. The work of architect Renée del Gaudio in Fairplay (Big Cabin, Little Cabin), C+A Interiors masterful creation of a perfect waterfront family hideaway in Grand Lake (A Laid-Back Lake House), and the home and work of husband and wife Omar Perez and Katharine Landmeier in Evergreen (Not Your Typical DIY Home). 

For big fun, check out Michelle Johnson’s interview with Bobby Berk of the hit TV show Queer Eye, now with two seasons streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t had the uplifting pleasure of watching the Fab Five in action, you’re missing out!  

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