Let the Sun Shine In

The Editor's Letter from the 2018 Outdoor Living Issue

Photo by Eleanor Williamson

The outdoors is why most, if not all of us love living in Colorado. And while it’s easy to enjoy the seasons, there’s something so extraordinary about the lengthening days of light, those extra hours on the deck or time spent walking along a mountain path with its shimmering shadows that brings a heart swiftly to bliss. It makes sense, then, that our homes should be designed to provide maximum exposure to the land, the sky and the backyard patio. 

That’s why we’ve filled the 2018 Outdoor Living issue with homes that are beautiful inside and out and that flow sweetly into nature. We present four examples of designs that offer their owners incessant outdoor joy:

We also include a sampling of outdoor furniture that wows, and in Baby, It’s Delicious Outside, we offer tips from the pros on the best products for your outdoor kitchen.

We hope you’ll take this magazine out on the deck with a cool beverage and enjoy!

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