Leading the Charge Into NFTs

Durango’s Sorrel Sky Gallery expands to sell non-fungible tokens

Photo by Heidi Chowen

It’s likely you’ve crossed paths with a headline talking about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the last few months. The idea behind NFTs has exploded across the US, creating a new sector of not only cryptocurrency but the art community as well. Rights to digital works of art now have a large place in the market as buyers expand their collections from art that hangs on your walls, to pixels on live a screen.

Star Traveler 24 Gray Green By Arlene Ladell Hayes

Star Traveler 24 Gray Green by Arlene Ladell Hayes

As a response to the desire for NFTs, Sorrel Sky Gallery in Durango launched an online marketplace to allow art lovers and collectors an exciting new way to showcase and enjoy digital art. “Sorrel Sky has always been a leader in the fine art business,” says Art Advisor at Sorrel Sky, Karen Campbell. “We were one of the first galleries to offer online purchasing, publish our prices, accept cryptocurrency, and sell through social media channels. It was a natural progression that we step into offering NFTs. Collectors who purchase NFTs look for reputable, proven, and “known” galleries and artists. With our artists and clients looking for us to lead the way, we stepped up.”

The landscape of art and enjoying art has continuously changed over time. “Art has been a basic need since the beginning of time,” says Karen. “I see digital art as just another medium. It’s a great choice for a collector who has limited wall space or likes to easily rotate their collection of art. There are mini digital screens that exist so you can wear your NFTs as a necklace or a watch! The profession of the market continues to astound me.”

Shadow Makers By Jim Rey

Shadow Makers by Jim Rey

Sorrel Sky Gallery began in 2002 when owner Shanan Campbell started the company, her mission was to establish meaningful connections between artists and clients while providing beautiful art. “Durango is where I grew up,” says Shanan, “so it was where the gallery was born. Although I traveled extensively throughout the country when I worked for both the Smithsonian and the Franklin Mint, I always knew that when I opened my first gallery it would be in Durango, then expand to Santa Fe. Having both of our locations in the heart of the historic downtown of each city keeps us connected to these vibrant communities and the many visitors who come to explore them.” Soon to open a locale in Denver, Sorrel Sky propels momentum forward through its ability to adapt. With 20 years under their belt, they’re already planning and preparing for the next 20.

Join Sorrel Sky Gallery for a celebration of 20 years in business on Friday, June 3rd from 5-7:30 pm in Durango, Colorado. Learn more about Artist Jim Rey.


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