Landscape Design Trends That You'll Love

The lingering sunlight and warm nights mean that there is no better way to enjoy a Colorado summer than from the backyard. With all the time spent out of doors, whether for a family barbeque or an alfresco dinner party, it’s important that you love your space. To get inspired, check out the hottest styles in landscape that will suit any taste, and prepare for a summer spent in your own little paradise. 

If you prefer your garden to look a bit on the wild side, consider an eclectic design style. Interesting shapes, rather than neat lines, define the space, while re-purposed materials like old windows, doors, or iron make for unique accents. Reclaiming existing elements in the landscape is also a great way to maintain its natural character.

A modern landscape consists of clean lines, one or two bold colors, and the use of steel, wood, and concrete. Add fire and water elements; create plantings in masses or in linear fashion with some interesting lighting for a sleek look.

Make the most of the beautiful natural Colorado landscape by using xeric plantings, such as native and ornamental grasses, perennials, shrubs, and evergreens. A large patio with a fire feature makes for a perfect place to gather on summer nights. For a truly rustic effect, consider re-purposing boulders and rock outcroppings as seating.

A landscape with strong lines, a stone patio, and plenty of perennial beds makes for a classic look that never goes out of style. To give the space a unique twist, consider adding features like a fountain, a vine-covered trellis or pergola, and outdoor sconces or chandeliers.

Limited outdoor space means making the most of what you have. Consider container gardening with succulents, herbs, and vegetables, and take advantage of vertical space with trellises and shade structures made from metal canvas or wood. Finishing touches include an outdoor dining area, where friends can marvel at your urban Eden.

LeAnn Ostheimer is the Director of Design and Marketing for Lifescape, a Denver-based design, construction, and maintenance landscape architecture firm. You can reach one of Lifescape’s designers at 303-831-8310.

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