Kimbal Musk's Kitchen Faves

The Boulder-based co-founder of The Kitchen restaurants shares his culinary must-haves

Hugo Matheson and Kimbal Musk opened The Kitchen in Boulder in 2004, just as the farm-to-table movement hit Colorado. We got to tour both of the founders' Boulder kitchens in our 2018 Kitchen Issue, and now we're picking each of their brains when it comes to their culinary must-haves. Here are Musk's favorite things.

1. Custom knives from Japan made specifically for him, as well as his set of SHUN Japanese knives. The Shun brand is available at Peppercorn in Boulder. Carbon Knife Co. in Denver also carries specialty Japanese knives. 

2. RAMÓN PEÑA sardines, along with SCLAFANI anchovies and TONNINO TUNA fillets are always stocked in the meticulously organized pantry. They add flavor to many home-cooked dishes and salads. 

3. SEED RANCH hot sauces, made in Colorado, are a staple in the Musk household. A set of three includes umami, Thai green and smoked jalapeño. 

4. CHRISTIANA'S MUG COLLECTION. From Anthropologie to The Little Prince to pottery from all over the world, these vessels share coffee, tea and memories.

5. MAISON ROCHE DE BELLENE BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR VIELLES VIGNES, 2015, labeled “dinner-party wine” in the family’s wine cellar. “We always keep some of these, or a similar kind, on hand for when we have friends over for dinner.”

6. BLENDTEC blender, which gets used at least once a day, when Christiana makes a smoothie with seasonal fruit that was frozen at its peak. The ever-changing creation is part of the family breakfast ritual.

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