K Dahl Glass Studios

CH&L: Clients come to you for…
K Dahl Glass Studios: Distinctive design in art glass and fine art. We create inspiring solutions to our clients’ practical needs by providing unique glass for custom lighting, wall tile, doors and windows, art pieces, and more. We have an unrivaled combination of professional experience—in glass, bronze, metal leaf, oil and pastel—that helps us transform concepts into tangible forms. Kathy combines her talent as a nationally recognized artist working in pastel and oil with 30 years experience as a glass artist, while Rick, a master glass artist of 20 years, directs the technical aspects of each project.

CH&L: Your design philosophy is…
K Dahl Glass Studios: Simply put, our greatest objective in design is to create a lasting, tangible form from an idea. Our heirloom-quality commissioned work in glass, bronze and fine art helps realize our clients’ dreams. For example, a recent commission involved creating a landscape scene in cast-and-fused glass to serve as an accent piece for a wine room. The project was very well received by the client; it’s the perfect addition to her custom home.

CH&L: Your style is influenced by…
K Dahl Glass Studios: The challenge of capturing color and light is foremost in the style of our work. Using the interplay of light, we create pieces that embrace you in color. Glass is an incredible medium for transforming light, while the luminous colors of pastels and oils reflect the light.

CH&L: You’re passionate about…
K Dahl Glass Studios: Creating designs that will outlast the here and now. Using timeless, durable materials is both challenging and gratifying as we employ the technique of creating colored glass with minerals from the earth, using heat that can mold the glass into a form that will remain unchanged for centuries.

CH&L: The most inspiring thing you’ve seen lately is…
K Dahl Glass Studios: We were recently inspired by the effect of soft light on damp terrain. In the mountains of Colorado, we were treated to an incredible visual display of color and light created by the atmosphere of a cloudy, rainy day. The russet willows and grasses in muted shades of gold were complemented by the cool blue spruce and the reflection of the gray clouds in the icy streams. Once we have this kind of inspiration, we often rush to the studio to begin working with those colors in pastel and eventually capture it in glass. 
CH&L: Share with us one of your go-to design resources.
K Dahl Glass Studios: Because we live and design in rural western Colorado, our resources tend to come from nature itself. At our fingertips are majestic vistas, wildlife, clouds, sunsets, color and light! Everyday we experience nature at its finest and use these studies of light and color to guide us.
CH&L: What do you bring to the table that’s new and different?
K Dahl Glass Studios: Our innovative design combines talents in glassmaking and fine art. There are many people who use glass and bronze, and many people painting in pastel and oil, but we are unique in that we unite these natural materials with our considerable experience.

This results in pieces of heirloom quality and timeless beauty. Understanding atmospheric perspective in landscape painting brings an unparalleled depth to our glass art. Recently we installed a six-panel mountain scene for a shower, creating an atmosphere for the client that transports her to her beloved vista each morning. Our beautiful apple blossom tiles, designed from the heart, grace a memory wall for an oncology center at Delta Memorial Hospital. Because of our unparalleled professional experience in glassmaking and design, we have the ability to create a vast array of products to fit any style.

To learn more about K Dahl Glass Studios visit kdahlglass.com.

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